Anchorage Downtown - Avis - Anchorage, United States of America

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Sun08:00 - 16:00
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Travel Into Other Countries:

Vehicles at this location may travel outside the state of Alaska. Based on availability, one-way rentals may be allowed to some cities within the state of Alaska and some locations in the northwest contiguous states. Alaska has many Restricted Highways and dangerous dirt or gravel roads. Avis Alaska does not permit their cars to travel on the following highways/roads: Dempster, Denali, Dalton, Elliot, Steese, Taylor, McCarthy, Swanson, Skilak, Tustamena and Marathon. The standard Avis rental contract prohibits travel on unpaved roads. Renters may drive U.S. vehicles into Canada with no restrictions on provinces. The rental counter must be notified at the time of rental that you plan to drive the vehicle into Canada so the location may issue a Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Card. One-way rentals into Canada are not permitted.

Useful Information

Age Requirements

Avis at this location rents to customers between the ages of 21-24 with a valid credit card and driver's license. At the time of rental, we will automatically apply an additional $27-per-day underage surcharge for these drivers. Customers who are 21-24 will only be permitted to rent Economy (Group A), Compact (Group B), Intermediate (Group C), Standard (Group D), Full-size cars (Group E) and Intermediate SUV (Group F).

Additional Fees

A frequent flyer surcharge of up to $1.00 per day applies to all rentals earning frequent flyer miles, points or credits. Extensions or late returns may result in additional charges.

Drivers License

At time of pick-up, driver must present a valid, U.S.-issued driver's license and credit card (or debit card at participating locations) in the driver's name. If the driver's license is not issued in the U.S., you must present your drivers license and either a passport or a Canadian enhanced license in the driver's name.


Towing is not permitted. Vehicles cannot be used to tow or push anything. A trailer hitch cannot be installed on the vehicles.

Debit Card Policies

Debit cards are not accepted at time of rental at this location. A debit card can be used to pay for the rental at the time of car return.